Making Marine Life Gummy Candy! Day 20 of the 25 Days of Popin Cookin! (06:14)

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  • Today on Day 20 of the 25 Days of Popin Cookin I make some marine life gummy candy! Watch to see how I turn colored powder into yummy chewy candy!

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Amelia Mahmood 28/09/2016

can you put me in one of your shout outs and post the vid to me pls

Luis Solis 17/06/2016


Kelly Ann Fecunda 05/05/2016


Dason Nathaniel 11/04/2016

I just love the Japanese candy

augustine madikaegbu 08/03/2016

i liked the videos you make Sarah!

Jeanine Swinson 23/01/2016

Jasmine ward

Vale Casas 09/01/2016

After the first time having a hug from mom is awesome but if you had any luck finding the time of your life is safer to use great time with your right hand turn it on to hug a pug that you love butcher block.

Rosy Flores 07/01/2016


Z_O_Vlogs 101 06/01/2016


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