5 Tips For Better Film Composition | Beginners Guide/Tutorial | Video DSLR (05:12)

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  • A comprehensive guide on how to make better videos. This tutorial is especially for beginners who want to learn how to make a more professional DSLR film. Topics are: Rule of Thirds, 180° Rule, Head Room, Lead Room, Fill Room etc.

Rachmat Prasetyo Utomo 15/03/2017

Very nice tips.

Wahyu Pratama 14/01/2017

Thank you for the explain :

Leo Pitta Guedes 12/09/2016

Muito bom! Obrigado.

Christian Prados 22/08/2016

please help out an aspiring film maker.

2 legit 10/05/2016

good tips ....

TERRAMOUNT 10/12/2015

very nice!

kleyo libores 02/06/2015

How do you maintain exposure while moving the camera?

Baldo Marcos 11/05/2015

I would like to start filming my own fishing show. I will be on a boat a very tight space. Do you have any suggestions how to do it so it can looks smood and some what professional and keep viewers interested?

Victor Holmqvist 14/03/2015

#1 and #5, great tips! Thanks for sharing.

dominik jokiel 30/11/2014

Und ich bin dein tausenster Abonnent

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